Terms of use

1. General Regulations

Under terms and conditions of this User Agreement (the “Agreement”) individual entrepreneur Anufriev N.A ( tax number 773606688730 Primary State Registration Number of the Sole Proprietor 314774632301082)  (the “Company”, “we”, “us”) provides the Users of “Loft” application (“Loft”, “Site”) an access to Loft services (“Services”). Loft is the platform developed for the communication only. All Users must follow the rules given in this Agreement and Privacy Policy (“Privacy”).

The User is an individual who is at least 18 (eighteen) years old and/or of the age of legal consent at the jurisdiction he/she enters this Agreement . By accepting the Agreement, the User acknowledges that he/she possesses full legal capacity, acts freely on behalf of himself/herself and proves his/her identity at sign up.

The Agreement is effective immediately after the User accepts terms and conditions of this Agreement and completes sign up. The sign up is equivalent to acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this Agreement and signing a contract between User and Company to provide Services in accordance with the Agreement.

The current version of the Agreement can be found at https://loft-app.com/agreements . The Administration of Loft reserves the right to modify the Agreement without any User notification. The updated version of the Agreement is effective immediately after approval by the Company. The User is considered to be notified about the Agreement update immediately after its online publication at our website (“Site”). If the User disagrees with Agreement modification, including but not limited to the changes in the names of the Services and/or the prices of the Services, he/she must stop using the Services immediately.

This Agreement is not a public offer of the Company and does not imply establishing agency relationships and/or partnership between User and Company.


There are three types of content that the User will be able to access when using Loft:

  • content that he/she uploads and provides ("Personal Content");

  • content that other Users provide ("User Content"); and

  • content that the Company provides ("Our Content").

2. General regulations of Site use

Under this Agreement the Company is responsible for providing free and paid Services to the User, including but not limited to dating Services with an ability to view a) the accounts of matching Users b) photos c) other Services of the Site.

The User  Premium Access (“PA”) to the Services of the Site.  After PA expiration/cancellation the account status changes automatically to basic access (“BA”). The following features are available with BA: a) account views b) limited search c) adding account to search. Other features including but not limited to posting newsletters, viewing contact information in chats are unavailable. To get the access to all the Services of the Site and buy additional paid services the User must buy Premium Access (“PA”).

All Users who bought PA get access to the paid Services of the Site (“Premium Account”). All paid Services are purchased separately or in packages. After purchase of Premium Account, the User gets access to those paid Services of the Site that are included in the Service Package he/she has chosen. The complete list of Services available for Premium Account holders is given at Premium Account payment page. The User gives his/her consent on usage of paid Services and considered to be notified about all terms and conditions of paid Services immediately after the Service has been successfully paid.

The transfer/freeze of funds, unused Services between Users and User accounts are prohibited. Prepaid Premium Account can be renewed only after the Service was paid in full. After PA expiration the account status changes automatically to BA with limited Services available. We do not store Users credentials and payment information.

Information Services are provided if they paid in full (100 % of the price).

The billing cycle consists of 30 (thirty) calendar days. The calendar year consists of 365 (three hundred sixty five) days.

The Company does not warrant 

a) the mutual interest between the Users 

b) the Services of the Site always meeting User expectations. 

The User understands and agrees that he/she uses all the Services of the Site and all the content published by other Users on his/her own risk, including but not limited to assessment of related security concerns, usefulness, completeness and accuracy of information.

If the Services cannot be provided through the Company’s fault, the User is eligible to get the refund based on the actual number of calendar days the prepaid Service was used. Otherwise, the User is not eligible for refund (including but not limited to refunds for unused hourly paid Services).

The Company is authorized to send out the announcements to Users.

The company is authorized a) to use the statistical data to maintain stable Site operation b) to use Users data for targeted advertising to other Users (groups of Users) c) to get access to Users personal data for technical support and Site management purposes (if only required and according to this Agreement and applicable laws) d) to send Users the announcements regarding the development of the Site and its Services e) to advertise the Site and its Services.

3. Agreement signing, renewal and termination

The User is required to sign up to get access to the Services of the Site. Sign up is available for all Users for free.

The User confirms that all the data provided is related to him/her only and agrees to its validation. The User is solely responsible for choosing secure (resistant to brute forces) password and its privacy. The User is required to provide complete and reliable personal information at sign up and update it timely.

The Site and its Services cannot be used in connection with any commercial purposes.

The Company reserves the right to block (suspend access to the Services) and delete User account and /or delete any User content at any time without justification provided a) Agreement violation b) other User complaint c) authorities request d) court decision. In this case the unused paid Services are not refunded and withhold as Agreement violation fee. The Agreement violation fee is always equal to the price of unused paid Services on the day the Services were suspended (account block, account deletion).

The User account can be deleted at any time provided that the User consent is received in written form (emailed to the technical support from the mailbox used at sign up). This policy is implemented for abuse prevention.

In case of User-initiated account deletion the account information is getting archived w/o the possibility to recover the account. The account is permanently deleted after archiving period, including but not limited to User content, chats and personal information.

If the User stops payments or is offline for more than 180 (one hundred eighty) days, he/she is defined as inactive. The accounts of those Users are blocked and removed from search. Inactive accounts are defined as expired in 90 (ninety) days and are deleted permanently. The User can unblock the account in 90 (ninety) days before it expires in accordance with up-to-date account unblock rules.

4. Price policy and account activation rules. Premium access and in-app purchases.

The User must refer to up-to-date information given in the app , block screens, Company email notifications regarding account deletion and recover rules, blocked account recover, rewards policy, promo codes activation, promotions and discounts as well as costs of Services.

Loft reserves the right to promote paid services and products  (“in-app purchases”) to Users. Users must purchase Premium Access to chat, send photos and share contact info as well as to buy extra features for account promotion. Users without Premium Access can create account, complete partial verification and view other Users accounts.

To complete in-app purchases add your AppleID account credentials to payment methods. Upon successful completion of initial purchase User account will be charged automatically for all the services and products purchased according to Terms effective on the date of purchase.  The total amount charged may vary dependent on your country of residence as some payment service providers may include VAT and/or other taxes in accordance with local taxation regulations. If the User has purchased auto-renewable subscription, the recurring payment will be set and User account will be charged at due date until canceled. The subscription is renewed automatically upon current subscription expiration and User account is charged for the price effective on the date of renewal. To cancel subscription auto-renew or modify the subscription the User should login his/her account, click the button “Cancel/Modify subscription”, and follow the instructions provided. Alternatively, the User may contact Loft technical support at  [email protected] (available even if the User has deleted his/her Loft account and/or Loft app). If the User has deleted his/her Loft account and/or Loft app, the recurring payment for subscription will be made until canceled. If canceled, the subscription can be used until its initial expiration date and will not be renewed.

If the User purchases any services and/or products sold by Loft, he/she agrees (provides his/her written consent) to pay all applicable fees and/or taxes  in full. Single-time purchases are not reimbursed unless otherwise specified. The subscriptions purchased via Apple ID account can be reimbursed ONLY by Apple. To request reimbursement, login Apple ID account, click “Transaction History”, choose the transaction and click “Report problem”. Alternatively, the User may contact Apple at https://getsupport.apple.com.  

Price Policy is subjected to changes dependent on multiple factors including but not limited to  1) promotions, loyal customer perks, and special offers 2) changes in service and/or product prices 3) changes in fees and/or taxes charged by online stores and/or payment service providers. Actual prices and terms for in-app purchases are given at service/product description page.

5. Exclusive rights

The User acknowledges and agrees that all the materials available via the Site and its Services, including but not limited to design elements, texts, images, videos and other materials (“Materials”) and any posted content are protected by our rights, the rights of other Users and third parties. All objects accessible through the Site services, including design elements, text, graphics, video, and other objects (hereinafter referred to as materials), as well as any content posted on the Site, are the objects of exclusive rights of the Company, Users and other rights holders respectively.

Loft is operated by individual entrepreneur Anufriev N.A (tax number 773606688730 Primary State Registration Number of the Sole Proprietor 314774632301082) all the rights are under control by individual entrepreneur Anufriev N.A.

The Materials and any posted content cannot be used prior getting owner written permission. 

The User is allowed to use the Materials and any Site content for personal, non-commercial purposes if only all the copyrights and trademarks are retained and the materials are not modified. 

6. Non-commercial use

This Site is for personal use only, the Users cannot use the Site for any commercial purposes. Organizations, companies and other third parties are prohibited to use the Site for any purposes. Illegal and /or unauthorized Site usage, including but not limited to prostitution and/or client selection, financial fraud, collecting of usernames and/or emails electronically for spam purposes are prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted in accordance with applicable laws.

7. User content and personal information use

The User personal information is stored and processed by the Company in accordance with Privacy Policy. The Company pledges to strictly follow local personal information protection laws. 

The Company processes the Users personal data to provide Services to Users, including but not limited to targeted advertising, data analysis and verification for the Site development purposes. The Company is committed to protect Users personal data from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure and deletion. The Company only provides an access to the Users personal data to those employees, contractors and agents who need it for the Site maintenance and providing Services to the Users. The Company is authorized to use User-provided information including but not limited to personal data to comply with applicable laws including prevention and/or suppression of any unauthorized and unlawful Users actions. The User-provided information can only be disclosed by court decision, authorities request and in other cases in accordance with applicable laws. The User consent on personal data use is considered granted provided that it is processed by the Company to provide the Services according to Agreement.

The User acknowledges that the Company is authorized to copy (reproduce) and modify his/her content for technical purposes and gives his/her consent on the content modification in accordance with the Site technical requirements. The User gives his/her consent and agrees that the Company is authorized to send the announcements to the Users (including ads), use all the Materials and content he/she published in accordance with applicable laws.

Unless the contrary is proved by User, any actions with the User account considered to be performed by User himself/herself. The User must inform the Company immediately if his/her login and password and/or account have been compromised or subjected to unauthorized access.

8. Responsibility

Both the User and the Company are responsible for Agreement breach or failure to enforce it in accordance with applicable laws. 

The User is strictly forbidden to:

  • submit the content which is malicious, libelous, immoral, demonstrating (or promoting) violence, offensive for any persons or organizations, violating intellectual property rights, containing (or promoting) porn (including but not limited to children porn), advertising (or promoting) sexual services (including prostitution under the guise of the other services), promoting racial, ethnic, gender, religious hatred and/or discrimination, explaining fabrication process and application of drugs, explosives and weapons;

  • send other Users third-party-related links on resources, portals and social networks if those are mass mails;

  • post personal and contact information on the Site;

  • transfer access to personal data and private information to third parties;

  • upload infected content;

  • post and /or distribute any ads, spam, content that contains a) viruses or other malicious codes capable of modifying and destroying Users and Company software and hardware b) links to the resources contradicting applicable laws;

  • take actions and use the Services of the Site in a way that limits the access to the Services for other Users;

  • repeatedly send the messages with the same content;

  • provide personal data of the third parties (phone numbers, addresses, names, links to other resources and social networks);

  • use usernames and passwords of other Users;

  • collect profile information of other Users for commercial purposes;

  • mislead other Users about your identity, age, gender, including but not limited to use of photos, videos and other materials depicting the User at the age that differs from the actual one (personal childhood photos and photos of third parties);

  • upload, store, publish (including posting images and videos), distribute, provide access to or use by other means any information that can a) threaten, discredit, offend, humiliate honor and dignity or goodwill, violate privacy of other Users or third parties b) include photos of drunk (intoxicated) persons, persons in indecent conditions (aesthetically ugly), weapons, alcohol beverages, drugs, offensive signs c) contain links to other sites and contacts d) contain scenes of animal cruelty e) promote and/or contain descriptions and guides for committing suicide f) contain extremist materials g) be insider, including but not limited to state and commercial secrets, private life (including third parties) h) advertise and glamorize taking drugs (including “digital drugs”) and contain the guides for its fabrication and consumption i) contain photos and videos with animals, buildings, cartoon heroes, art objects and celebrities;

  • violate rights of minors;

  • post any content that is vulgar or obscene, contains porno images and sexual scenes and texts;

  • promote and/or favor fomenting of racial, religious, ethnic hatred and discord, promote fascism or supremacism, criminal activities and/or contain guides of criminal activities;

  • violate rights and interests of citizens and entities and/or any applicable laws.

All abovementioned is an incomplete list of Materials prohibited at our Site. We reserve a right to investigate and take actions regarding all abovementioned violations.

The photo of the User himself/herself can only be used as a profile image. It is prohibited to post the photos which are

  • taken with the third parties (group photos), including children;

  • cropped (for instance, body parts only);

  • of the low quality preventing its view (face features cannot be recognized, etc);

  • taken in sunglasses partly covering the User face;

  • taken too far to identify the User.

9. Termination of Services

The Site Administration reserves the right to modify and/or terminate Site access (temporary or permanently) with or without prior notification of the User. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Company is not responsible to him/her for modification or termination of the Site access.

10. IP address blocking

We reserve the right to block at any time and in our sole discretion the access to the Site for the Users with certain IP addresses and temporary email services for safety and Site integrity purposes.

11. Payments. Processing of payment information.

The Company does not store any User payment information.  All payment information is processed at the processing service page. All payment information is strictly confidential and is not subject to disclosure to third parties. 

12. Privacy and personal information protection.

Individual User provides his/her personal data, including First Name, date of birth, cell phone number, email address, personal Materials (photo, video) at sign up and when he/she uses the Services in accordance with Agreement.

When providing his/her personal data the User agrees to its public disclosure (to other Users), gives consent on its processing by the Company including but not limited to use of automatization algorithms including collection, storage, use for cooperation, transfer to agents and third parties affiliated with the Company for latter to provide all the Services to the User in accordance with Agreement.

The Company processes User-provided personal data: 

  • to sign up the User at  the Site;

  • to comply with Agreement;

  • to assess and analyze the interactions with the User;

  • to send the announcements (incl. sms-announcements) and marketing materials to the Users.

The Company is committed not to disclose User-provided information excluding the cases of applicable laws.

The User is committed not to disclose the Company commercial secrets if by any means it became known to the User. We define the commercial secrets as any productional, technical, economic, organizational and managerial information, including the results of intellectual activities, business processes that are currently and potentially valuable due to unavailability to third parties in accordance with applicable laws.

The User is solely responsible for providing reliable information, personal data and its timely update. If the information/data provided is false/unreliable the Company is not responsible for Agreement enforcement and has no liabilities to any third parties whose personal data were mistakenly (or by any other means) used as personal data at the User sign up or for access to the Services of the Site and/or Agreement enforcement. In case of any claims against the Company from the third parties regarding personal data processing due to User-provided unreliable information and personal data and in case of the Company incurring losses the User must compensate all the losses upon request by the Company.

13. Disclaimer of warranties

The User agrees that:

  • he/she uses the Services on his/her own risk. The Services are provided if available only;

  • the Company cannot warrant the Services will a) completely meet  User expectations b) be uninterrupted c) be timely d) be safe e) be error-free. The Company is not liable for each of the paid Services to meet User expectations;

  • the Company is not liable for his/her interactions with any third parties (other Users, any third parties on the Platform and other resources);

  • the Company is not liable for the information provided by other Users and does not warrant that the information the Users exchange with each other will not become available to third parties;

  • when using Services, he/she sends and receives any Materials on his/her own risk and is solely responsible for any associated losses.

14. Liability limits

The User agrees that the Company is not liable for any losses including but not limited to a) direct b) indirect c) unintended d) penal e) special f) accidental g)punitive h) consequential.


15. Copyright policy

This software (“Software”) includes the information which is the property of the Company, our partners and Users. The Software is protected by copyright, trademarks and service marks. All the information published by us, our partners and/or Users (regardless to be our or their property) is protected by copyright and applicable laws. The User cannot publish, distribute or reproduce by any means any materials protected by copyright, trademarks without prior written permission of the owner. 

Notwithstanding the above, if the User believes that any of his/her work protected by copyright was copied or published at our Site, please inform the technical support immediately.

Please, be aware of liability for the person who deliberately distorts facts in copyright violation claim. Loft copyright rights are under control by individual entrepreneur Anufriev N.A ( tax number 773606688730 Primary State Registration Number of the Sole Proprietor  314774632301082)


Loft has adopted the following policy towards copyright infringement in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (the "DMCA"). If the User believes that any User Content or Our Content infringes upon his/her intellectual property rights, the User should submit a notification alleging such infringement ("DMCA Takedown Notice") including the following:

  • A physical or electronic signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed;

  • Identification of the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed, or, if multiple copyrighted works at a single online site are covered by a single notification, a representative list of such works;

  • Identification of the material claimed to be infringing or to be the subject of infringing activity and that is to be removed or access disabled and information reasonably sufficient to permit the service provider to locate the material;

  • Information reasonably sufficient to permit the service provider to contact the User, such as an address, telephone number, and email;

  • A statement that the User have a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; and

  • A statement that, under penalty of perjury, the information in the notification is accurate and the User is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

Any DMCA Takedown Notices should be sent to: [email protected]

17. Information support

By sign up the User agrees (provides his/her written consent) to receive any referral materials, including but not limited to news, discount and promotion alerts and other notifications related to the Site and its Services from the Company and the news from the Site Partners via emails, sms-notifications, regular mails and by other means.

The User can stop receiving newsletters at any time by notifying us via the feedback form or using a direct link in newsletter email notifications.

This Agreement is regulated and interpreted by applicable laws and is mandatory for all Users.

All the claims not covered by this Agreement should be resolved by applicable laws.

18. Miscellaneous

The Site Services, including all scripts, apps content and design are provided “as is”. The Company cannot warrant that the Site and its Services are suitable for any particular purposes.

The company cannot warrant and promise any specific results from using the Site or its Services.

Under no circumstances the Company or its representatives are liable for any indirect, accidental, undeliberate losses, including but limited by lost profits or data, honor, dignity or goodwill damage resulted from the User or any third parties getting access to the Site, its contents and/or other materials usage, even though to be warned by the Site Administration about possible damage.

19. Disputes


This Agreement was last updated on January 3, 2020.